Brickman Banter Interview - July 2021 - Author/Storyteller Tony Albano

Enjoy this fascinating interview on the July 2021 Brickman Banter program with local Carmel author, Tony Albano, about his newest book, Cherish - A Memoir: The Truth About Where I Came From and Who I Loved":

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Engaging New True Story Published, “Cherish - A Memoir: The Truth About Where I Came From and Who I Loved” by former New York Author/Storyteller Tony Albano


Whether you lived through the ‘60’s or heard about them from others, this book brings into sharp focus the trials and tribulations of the period!


After fifty years of silence, author Tony Albano finally shares his secret life-changing experience that he kept a secret for 50 years to protect someone and not hurt their reputation or career!


Sharing stories is so important and when Tony Albano lost his leg due to a car accident, it was telling stories to an appreciative audience that helped him regain his spirit and purpose. After hundreds of requests to write his entertaining life anecdotes to share with many others, his third book reveals his back story that helps to explain what made him such a special storyteller!


June, 2021. Monterey, CA.  When it comes right down to it, life is a series of stories you experience – both good and bad. “Cherish – A Memoir: The Truth About Where I Came From and Who I Loved” by Monterey, California-based author and serial storyteller, Tony Albano, is a fascinating coming of age true story of a boy from Queens who fell in love with his teacher, a Nun, and she with him...with a backdrop of the Magical Mets who won the World Series in 1969 against all odds, a special concert of singer/songwriter, Melanie, and some VERY interesting family experiences with the underworld of the New York Mafia. Tony describes the first years of his life with love and humor that easily engages the reader. He comes to terms with the childhood and special relationship that he hid from others for over 50 years, but in the book, celebrates its colorful characters and the unique experiences they provided.


The reader accompanies Tony from the tenements in Brooklyn to its “upscale” projects to a home in Queens. The reader meets the family which consists of a young, overwhelmed mother; a hardworking father from a huge family well known for its unusual relationships with the law and the Mafia; and two grandfathers who both influenced and inspired him. From early on, his grandfathers nurtured in Tony a passion for baseball that he focused on the newly formed New York Mets, considered the worst team in major league baseball history.


A consummate storyteller, Tony’s guiding life principle which will inspire all readers is, “It’s all about believing in the magic.” Magic comes to Tony at the age of 14 when he falls in love and experiences a life-changing relationship that be kept secret. After fifty years, he finally feels free to share that story in this book.


Readers will also enjoy his prior two books, "Life is a Bumpy Road" and "A Leg to Stand On”.  These two books are filled with humorous and poignant short stories tell about growing up in the NY Projects, as a songwriter who wrote songs beginning at age 16, and the one-legged dog who let him know losing a leg was okay.


In “Life is a Bumpy Road: Smoothed out by the people and dogs you meet along the way,” Albano’s 28 short stories tell about growing up in the NY Projects, and much more! It will cause you to smile and pause to think about those bumps that make our lives interesting. 


His other book, "A Leg to Stand On -- More Stories of the People and Dogs That Keep Me Going," makes a great gift to give to anyone who needs a smile featuring many charming stories that include, "I bought a Car and Got a Brother,” “Can You Believe It’s His First Night?” “Everybody Has a Story about Bob Dylan,” “Antonio the Masseuse,” “The Lady in the Jaguar” and that's just the start! Tony Albano, who has been a popular waiter/host for 20+ years at Carmel, California’s popular Il Fornaio restaurant, lost a leg in a car accident and was deeply depressed - how would he work? Was his good life over? Then he met Brie, a frisky white poodle who also was missing a leg - and who “looked into my soul,” Tony says, “and showed me all was well.”  


“All I have to offer is memories,” Tony says, I am sharing little stories of the events and people that make up a life. I hope, by being a keeper of memories, I'll encourage you to cherish the special moments in your life as well, which makes it all very gratifying for me.”


He adds, “Even though I’ve never been to college, through some chance circumstances, I ended up owning two delis. I feel very blessed that I've had opportunities come my way that I’ve enjoyed over the years.  It’s amazing that I have written three books, and interestingly enough, I can’t type and so the book, Cherish, had to be written long hand, the old-fashioned way. Ideally, I want my books to inspire others so that they realize they can take a non-traditional path and still accomplish so much in their lives by being open to opportunities.”


His fans relate that Tony’s books are perfect gifts to cheer someone up who is on a bumpy part of their lives or just for anyone who wants to read some interesting, inspiring stories. They simply make you smile…and remember points in your own life, too.


All three books are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other independent booksellers. To arrange an entertaining talk or an interview with Tony Albano, contact Wendy Brickman at (831) 594-1500 or email [email protected]. For more information about all three books, go to www.


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