Wendy Brickman has done an amazing job of helping my business and gaining PR for over 10 years! I have recommended her often and would do so again! She believes in "getting the job done!" She has been an asset for every new product which I launched!

Carol Teten
Dancetime Publications
I have known Wendy Brickman for over a dozen years and have worked with her on numerous projects. She is an exceptional marketer and publicist. In addition, Wendy is very hard working and has qualities essential for a great marketer including being very (and politely) persistent, determined and indefatigable. I can also speak highly of Wendy on a personal level. She is smart, reliable, dedicated and trustworthy - and she has a wonderful sense of humor. I recommend her very highly.

Jonathan Blank
Red Hat Productions
Without Wendy there would be no Cammie Jones Organizing. She crafted an assertive marketing & PR campaign that really established me in the Salinas and Monteray Peninsula area. If she suggests it, I do it, and it works. If you need a boost for your business call Wendy at Brickman Marketing today. It will be the best thing you have ever done to grow your business.

Cammie Jones
Cammie Jones Organizing
I have worked with Wendy Brickman for many years and have been consistently impressed by her enthusiasm, persistence, hard work, and the outstanding results she obtains on every project! An excellent writer with great media connections, Wendy has helped Comerica Bank with some effective publicity work. She has also linked us with Rosine's Restaurant, our neighboring business, to create collaborations such as Customer Appreciation Days featuring Rosine's Award-Winning Cakes, that created a win-win high visibility situation for both organizations. Her hard work on the Monterey Bay School of Piping helped us get the piping school off the ground into a successful reality. I recommend that any organization work with Wendy Brickman to jump-start their success!

Beth Fergon
Comerica Bank
I have worked with Wendy Brickman, Owner of Brickman Marketing, for many years. In her work for us, Wendy created and implemented an effective advertising campaign for newspapers, radio and TV stations. She obtained media sponsors for our event, as well. She obtained a large amount of free publicity for the Scottish Festival, obtained stories, listings locally, regionally, and nationally. Her community involvement was valuable for us, as well. Wendy has a solid background with her award-winning marketing firm and educational credentials.

Roddy Mackay
Games Manager
Monterey Scottish Games & Celtic Festival
Wendy Brickman is the quintessential public relations expert. She knows everybody and most especially knows when and where to contact them. What a joy to have someone with her talent right here in our community.

Larry Wilde
We have worked with Wendy Brickman of Brickman Marketing to help us publicize and market the Golden State Theatre for over six years. She is one of the most hard-working and creative consultants we have met and we have enjoyed our interaction with her firm. She has creative marketing ideas and strategies, strong community relationships, and is able to create viable partnerships. Most of all, she has tremendous follow-through. Wendy has secured many articles from major publications for us and helped grow my social media followers. Since working with Wendy, result my sales have increased dramatically. She has creative ideas that work and she sees the bigger picture. She is fantastic to work with. I would recommend her highly to any organization that wants to grow the success of their business or non-profit. Lori Lochtefeld, Owner, Golden State Theatre

Lori Lochtefeld
Golden State Theatre
Brickman Marketing is by far the best Marketing Investment I have ever made. You will not find a better value for your marketing dollar.

Paul Hansen
Paul Hansen
Dane Hansen Productions
Without hesitation, we would recommend Wendy Brickman to help any organization in the area of marketing, publicity and sales.

Cons Agbannawag
Cons Agbannawag
AT&T Language Line Services
In today's world, it is truly refreshing to be able to count on someone to get the job done.

Michael Sabatello, Jr.
Michael Sabatello, Jr.
ProMed Productions, Inc.
Since Brickman Marketing became part of our team, Del Monte Shopping Center received more than 12x the amount of publicity from the former agency and more than doubled our goal. The Center has received coverage from almost every media outlet in Monterey County, and the repeat exposure speaks of Wendy's professional and respected relationship with the local media. It is truly a pleasure to work with Wendy and she continues to add value to our property and business performance, above and beyond expectations.

Christina Thompson Callahan, CMD
Director of Marketing
Del Monte Shopping Center
Results are what really matter, and whenever Wendy steps into the picture, I get an immediate response. Most importantly, the response translates to dollars, and the resulting income has more than paid for her services. I now consider her to be an important part of my success team.

Patricia Major
Small World Web Svcs
I have always found Wendy Brickman to be professional and responsive to my needs. Her extensive business background and varied professional experience make her an excellent sounding board for tough business decisions.

Brigid McGrath Massie
Wendy is a great resource for any business that is looking to build their brand and increase their visibility in the community. She is thorough, prompt, and knowledgeable. I would definitely work with her again.

Sarah Marshall
Marketing Coordinator
Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
I worked with Wendy Brickman for several years, on a variety of marketing jobs. Her professionalism, on-time dedication, media experience, and humor make every job I've worked on go more smoothly than it could have without her. Any time I have a need for a marketing professional, my first choice is Wendy Brickman

Shawna Hershfield
Wendy is a detail oriented individual with a tremendous work ethic. Whatever it takes to get the job done the right way is her mantra. She has great public relations contacts and has worked hard on building her network of professionals by providing tireless effort and follow through. We have worked together on projects that have been outstanding. This is in direct relation to her preparation and knowledge

Thomas Aurelio Davis
Global Business Education Consulting
I can absolutely recommend Wendy and Brickman Marketing for whatever venture you might have to promote-- especially if you want to reach the Monterey-Salinas area market. In my case I had a brief window to promote my book, but even so, Wendy was a whirlwind of activity during that time (scarcely a day went by that she didn't contact me regarding new ideas she had for promotion). My book was promoted on websites, to local media/historical societies, rotary clubs, people of influence. I even found myself the subject of in-depth interviews courtesy of the Carmel Pine Cone and on Wendy's live-stream broadcast. In short, not only does Wendy have innumerable contacts here (and outside the area) but she truly went to bat on behalf of my book, for which I am truly appreciative. Todd Cook author: Nueva California, Vol. I and II

Todd Cook
Nueva California
I highly recommend Brickman Marketing for all of your marketing and public relations needs. Brickman Marketing was precise at targeting the demographics that increased my business sales by 20% during the first six months. They did an in depth analysis of my business and were able to recommend the best source of advertising with the TV stations, magazines, newspapers and Social Media. I would highly recommend Brickman Marketing for new businesses and Businesses who are looking to bring in new business and increase sales.

Chris Shake
Old Fisherman's Grotto/Scales Seafood & Steaks Restaurants
I highly recommend the PR services of Brickman Marketing. Wendy can do it all and is extremely loyal and devoted to her clients. She works diligently to provide them with creative and effective branding and marketing, media relations, while providing excellent event planning and management. I'm always impressed with her knowledge, her professionalism and her drive to produce the best results for her clients. Highly recommended!

Jules Hart
Eyegoddess Films
A Great PR and Marketing firm! I have worked with Brickman Marketing for years to promote Carousel Candies with special holiday events that bring attention and sales to my 60 year old confections business on Old Fisherman's Wharf!

Liz Elves
Carousel Candies
Wendy Brickman of Brickman Marketing is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and a super-hard worker.

Carolyn Handler Miller
Digital Storytelling
Wendy has been absolutely pleasant to work with. And her 30 plus years in the community is an asset to anyone engaging her services. She is diligent in her efforts in getting to know her clients and their needs. And she’s thoughtful in her approach and execution of a recommended course of action. And her integrity is of the highest caliber, maintaining clients’ privacy when asked. I am pleased and thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Steven Schulman
Real Estate Management Advisory
Looking like we will sell out! Thanks so much for all your efforts! It made all the difference!

Fran Spector Atkins
"I enjoyed working with Wendy Brickman for several years who enabled my restaurant to get lots of valuable free publicity. She also teamed me up with other local organizations for events and attracted new customers to my restaurant. She definitely kept my restaurant more top of mind in our region. I highly recommend working with Wendy Brickman of Brickman Marketing." Mario Catalano, Owner, Cibo Ristorante Italiano, Monterey, CA

Cibo Ristorante Italiano