California Civil Grand Jury - December 2021 Brickman Banter Show

The California Civil Grand Jury is a critical "watchdog" process to investigate actions taken by our local government throughout Monterey County and the state of California.

Please check out this fascinating interview with Louis Panetta, President of the California Grand Jury Association, all about the California Civil Grand Jury - what it does and why you should consider joining a jury if you have the time and interest in important community service.

Here's an informative interview for the December 2021 interview with Louis Panetta, President of the California Grand Jury Association.

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The primary responsibilities of the Civil Grand Jury include examining all aspects of county government (including special districts) ensuring that all public monies are being handled judiciously, all accounts are properly audited—in general, guaranteeing honest, efficient government in the best interest of the people.

The Civil Grand Jury is authorized to:

  • Inspect and audit books, records, and financial expenditures to ensure that public funds are properly accounted for and legally spent;

  • Inspect financial records of special districts in Monterey County;

  • Examine the books and records of any nonprofit organization receiving county or city funds;

  • Inquire into the conditions of jails and detention centers; and

  • Inquire into any charges of willful misconduct in office by public officials or employees.

Findings may be included in the Civil Grand Jury’s final report describing the issues and recommendations for improvement or solutions.

Check out the Monterey County Civil Grand Jury reports in recent years here.