Lipo-Melt Seminar and Demonstration at Cornerstone Wellness Center on January 13th

It’s the New Year and many people have made their resolution to be trimmer and healthier in 2016. On Wednesday, January 13th from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., Trina Hammack, owner of Cornerstone Wellness Center, located at 880 Cass in Monterey, will give a free informative seminar and do a live demonstration of the latest in safe weight loss technology, Lipo-Melt. Exclusively available at Cornerstone Wellness Center, Lipo-Melt is a non-invasive, natural and healthy body sculpting technique that has been used by Hollywood celebrities for years to melt fat and lose inches without side effects.  It’s an amazing technology and results are seen after just one treatment. Space is limited at this seminar/demo event. Register at

How does Lipo-Melt work?

Many people have tried to lose weight and eliminate unsightly bulges through diet and exercise but they still may not have achieved the results they want.  Lipo-Melt uses the power of the latest LED Light Therapy to reshape your body and help you lose inches on those tough areas - your waist, hips, thighs and arms – anywhere there are excessive fat deposits. There is no bruising, no swelling, no burning pain and no anesthesia required. Each treatment takes only 35 minutes and fat is melted right off your body. 

Once the Lipo-Melt light comes in contact with fat cells, 99% of the fat is released. The fat travels inside the body to be utilized as energy. Exercise is recommended after each session for 10-15 minutes or instead, just use Cornerstone Wellness Center’s Whole Body Vibration machine to help burn up these fatty acids and redistribute them throughout the body, plus it tones muscles and burns calories.

About Trina Hammack

Trina Hammack, owner of Cornerstone Wellness Center, will give the Lipo Melt seminar and demonstration, and answer any questions. Trina is celebrating her 20th Anniversary as a highly sought-after health care practitioner. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Biofeedback and Cellular Detox Specialist, and a Structural Bodywork Practitioner who has assisted thousands of her clients to improve their health and reverse serious health conditions. 

Utilizing her extensive knowledge, experience and natural state-of-the-art technologies, Trina enables her clients to uncover and resolve the root cause of their disease. Trina works with people who suffer from an array of health challenges, including arthritis, menopause, diabetes, cancer and more.  As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Trina specializes in helping people to achieve permanent weight loss and reduce hidden stressors, including cellular detoxification.

Trina coaches, educates and empowers her clients to take charge of their health with a customized and achievable health plan. She works locally at her Monterey office and remotely with clients throughout the world via Skype online. A former science teacher, she combines her scientific knowledge, continuing education, teaching skills and dedication to helping others overcome their health challenges. Well-respected by other health professionals, Trina was recently featured in “The Truth About Cancer” Docu-series.

For more information and a 30-minute free phone consultation with Trina, go to or call (831) 373-2604.