Monterey Auto Luxe will be held during Car Week at the Stanton Center August 11-15, 2015 Special Charity Event Cars, Stars and Guitars benefiting Guitars Not Guns on August 13th July, 2015. Monterey, CA. Don™t miss Monterey Car Week™s next


Monterey Auto Luxe will be held during Car Week at the Stanton Center

August 11-15, 2015


Special Charity Event “Cars, Stars and Guitars”

benefiting Guitars Not Guns on August 13th


July, 2015. Monterey, CA.  Don’t miss Monterey Car Week’s next “must see” event!   The first annual Monterey Auto Luxe ( is a high-end luxury lifestyle hospitality event taking place from August 11-15, 2015 at the Stanton Center, located at 5 Custom House Plaza in Monterey, next to Old Fisherman’s Wharf.   The daily schedule is described below.


Monterey Auto Luxe is a unique premium luxury retail destination that will present some of the world’s finest goods and offer first class hospitality to all.  Monterey Auto Luxe is situated in the 33,000 square foot Stanton Center, directly adjacent to RM | Sotheby’s Car Auction and Russo Steele Collector Car Auction.  


Enjoy top shelf cocktails and liquors, including Asombroso Fine Tequilas, coffee and espresso.  The event is complimented by beautiful private balcony views of the Monterey Bay and the world’s most desirable automobiles from around the world.  There will be live streaming of the RM | Sotheby’s car auctions at Monterey Auto Luxe during the week, cutting-edge automotive short films and special stage events. Tickets at the door are $40 General Admission or $35 for locals with Monterey County ID.


Monterey Auto Luxe’s live streaming of the RM/Sotheby’s car auctions will be viewed on six 70”big screen TV’s and in its 100 seat theater on Thursday, August 13th, Friday, August 14th and Saturday, August  15th starting at 6 p.m.  For the first time ever, visitors to Monterey Auto Luxe will have the opportunity to experience the energy and excitement of one of the biggest collector car auctions in the world in its comfortable and spacious venue.


Featured at Monterey Auto Luxe will be the first U.S. presentation of the DiMora Neoclassic Vicci 6.2 Emperor supercar, one of the first debuts of the Lykan Hypersport, and a local charity event, “Cars, Stars and Guitars”. Vendors will include Andrew Carson’s Kinetic Sculptures, Pioneer Log Homes, Burns Cowboy Shop, DuPont Registry, Rumble Seat Music, INMOTION Scooters and many others luxury lifestyle items.


Phil Elfstrom of Monterey Auto Luxe invites locals and visitors to his unique destination. “Join us at the first ever Monterey Auto Luxe, a new event showcasing top luxury brands from around the world, hosting the best of what Monterey Car Week has to offer, in a relaxed and elegant setting.”


Visitors to Monterey Auto Luxe will enjoy:


The Lykan Hypersport Supercar


One of only seven Lykan Hypersport supercars in the world will be on display at Monterey Auto Luxe. The Lykan Hypersport, designed by W Motors of the UAE, is the first Arab developed luxury sports car.  Over 150,000 people attended its  grand unveiling in Qatar in 2013. The Lykan boasts an impressive 740hp Flat 6 Twin Turbo Charged rear mounted engine with a top speed of 240mph. This equates to 0-60 acceleration at 2.8 seconds. Luxury is a high priority in the Lykan. The LED headlights are encrusted with diamonds and the interior utilizes the world’s first holographic display system. This is a truly unique vehicle to behold!


“Monterey Auto Luxe is proud to display the Lykan Hypersport during its first U.S. appearance,” explains Phil Elfstrom of Monterey Auto Luxe. 


Neoclassic Vicci 6.2 Emperor convertible by DiMora Motorcar


The Neoclassic Vicci 6.2 Emperor convertible by DiMora Motorcar will be on display at Monterey Auto Luxe. This will be the first time the 434hp lightweight supercar Vicci 6.2 will be showcased in North America.


“Although we are a car manufacturer based out of the United States, up until now, the Vicci Emperor has only been shown overseas at select, by invitation only, art events,” explains Sir Alfred J. DiMora, the owner of DiMora Motorcar. “We are very pleased to make the American debut of the Vicci Emperor at the 2015 Monterey Auto Luxe event.”


The RM Sotheby’s and Russo and Steele car auctions will be taking place right next door to the Monterey Auto Luxe event, giving thousands of Car Week enthusiasts across the Monterey Peninsula an opportunity for a first-hand look at the exclusive DiMora Vicci Emperor on display.


Elfstrom comments, This is a unique opportunity and definitely takes the Monterey Auto Luxe to a whole new level by also offering on display the actual canvas painting accompanying the car by renowned artist Master Lee Sun-Don. The painting endured a special in-house process to have it transferred onto the Vicci 6.2 Emperor Convertible in a collaboration of art and car. The painting and Vicci bring true art and automotive excellence together.”


Enterprise Exotic Car Collection


Monterey Auto Luxe has teamed up with Enterprise Car Rental Agency’s Exotic Car Collection to offer on-site luxury and exotic car rentals during Monterey’s Car Week.  The Exotic Car Collection is Enterprise’s newest addition to luxury rental options for travelers in the U.S. The Collection’s cars range from high end Audi’s to Ferrari’s, Maserati’s,  Bentley’s, Mercedes and more.


During the Monterey Auto Luxe event, guests will have the opportunity to purchase exotic car excursions around the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel and Big Sur at a Monterey Auto Luxe preferred discounted rate. This will be particularly appealing to anyone visiting Monterey during Car Week who planned to rent a car.


 “The Exotic Car Collection is the perfect match for Car Week visitors who would like to experience the thrill of driving an exotic car including many custom packages and weekly rentals. Excursions along the coast of Big Sur or down 17 Mile Drive will offer an over the top experience to view the Monterey Peninsula!” said Elfstrom.


Inmotion Sensor Controlled Vehicles


Inmotion Sensor Controlled Vehicles (SCV) will be provided by Green Transporter.  Inmotion SCV is a China-based high tech company that produces smart personal transporter devices. Inmotion personal transporters offer Wi-Fi connectivity, weigh only 35 lbs., move at a top speed of 10 mph, and travel up to 20 miles on a charge. Sensor control technology ensures that the user is always safely balanced. Using a smart phone, the user can remotely or directly operate the transporter. Voice activation, security systems and portability make the Inmotion SCV a great choice for anyone wanting to navigate their surroundings expeditiously and with precision.


“I have an In Motion scooter and it is everything that In Motion says it is! Come and get yours. All colors will be available for purchase at Monterey Auto Luxe.” says Elfstrom. 


Pioneer Log Homes of BC


Pioneer Log Homes of BC designs magnificent log home structures. Every single detail is handcrafted in order to deliver world-class log homes on time, on budget and in balance with nature’s perfection. Pioneer Log Homes’ builders and designers are well known for balancing luxury log home creation with sustainable logging practices to ensure the ongoing vitality of Canada’s ecology. Since 1973, Pioneer Log Homes has been regarded as a leader in home design. 

Burns Cowboy Shop


Burns is the oldest name family western retail business in the world. Founded by Miles Lamonie Burns in 1876, Burns Cowboy Shop’s main priority is capturing the spirit of the west by delivering the best in luxury leather apparel incorporating one-of-a-kind designs, classic and contemporary colors and legendary craftsmanship.


Andrew Carson’s Kinetic Wind Sculptures


Andrew Carson’s Kinetic Wind Sculptures blend mechanical design with aesthetic beauty that takes advantage of the elements. Each sculpture is dreamt, sketched and brought to life resulting in remarkably intelligent and artful creations. Andrew Carson’s interactive kinetic sculptures are a favorite at art shows and events, often noticeable from a distance thanks to the flamboyant nature of the sculptures.




duPont REGISTRY is an all inclusive online luxury brand and market publication focused solely on luxury automobiles, real estate, boating, and high-end gear. duPont REGISTRY maintains thousands of luxury classifieds and insider insights provided by luxury automobile, real estate, and boating connoisseurs. duPont Registry is visited by more than 400,000 affluent readers every month and has over 5 million Facebook followers.  They will be providing free complimentary issues of their respected magazine at Monterey Auto Luxe.


Also, a very special local charity event presented by Rumble Seat Music, “Cars, Stars and Guitars”


On Thursday, August 13th from 6pm to 10pm, Monterey Auto Luxe will hold a charity event called “Cars, Stars and Guitars” benefiting Guitars Not Guns ( ). The event is hosted by Grammy award-winning Santana trumpeter, Julius Melendez, and presented by Rumble Seat Music. The event will benefit Guitars Not Guns, a local nonprofit focusing on providing guitars and guitar lessons to foster children. The event is open to the public and part of the $40 Monterey Auto Luxe entry fee.


“In all my years as a musician, for me, it always comes back to the kids. Music is healing. This is a great way to support an organization that focuses on music education for foster youth,” explains Julius Melendez.


Monterey Auto Luxe is also supporting Monterey History and Art Association (a 501c3 non-profit) and working with the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.


Schedule (subject to change):  

SATURDAY – MONDAY August 8-10 …………………………………………… Set Up

TUESDAY August 11 …………………………………………………………. 1PM – 10 PM
City of Monterey Auto Luxe Mixer …………………………………….. 6PM – 7:30PM

WEDNESDAY August 12 …………………………………………………. 10AM – 10 PM

THURSDAY August 13 …………………………………………………… 10AM – 11 PM
“Cars, Stars & Guitars” ……………………………………………………  6PM – 11PM  

FRIDAY August 14 ………………………………………………………… 10AM – 11 PM

SATURDAY August 15 …………………………………………………… 10AM – 11 PM


For more information about Monterey Auto Luxe, visit and Like it on Facebook at For questions about becoming a vendor, contact Phil Elfstrom at 707-334-5060 or email [email protected]  or Eric Young, 831-224-5016 or email [email protected].