Monterey Bay Diving Joins GGGI

Monterey Bay Diving Joins GGGI


Monterey Bay Diving has joined the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) as a new participant! GGGI and Monterey Bay Diving have teamed up to align approaches and collaborate on projects to reduce ghost fishing gear and remove it from the world’s oceans. 

We are very excited to have Monterey Bay Diving join the Global Ghost Gear Initiative. We’ve worked together with Monterey Bay Diving several times in the past, primarily with our work to save the critically endangered vaquita porpoise from illegal and ghost nets connected with the illegal totoaba fishery in the Gulf of California. We’re looking forward to working with Monterey Bay Diving on other projects around the globe as well to help address ghost gear – the most damaging form of marine debris.

Monterey Bay Diving utilizes sonar imagery for seafloor mapping, locating and removing ghost gear and for educational purposes. Monterey Bay Diving also has a sophisticated ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) as well as a Side Scan Sonar to locate and remove marine debris, including ghost gear. According to Jared Berg, Owner of Monterey Bay Diving, “Monterey Bay Diving is pleased to team up with GGGI to utilize our expertise and equipment to map the sea floor and most importantly to locate and remove ghost gear.  Monterey Bay Diving and GGGI share common goals, making this a strong and valuable partnership.”  

We couldn't agree more!

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