Monterey Lanes has reopened after a year!

Monterey Lanes, located at 2161 North Fremont, has reopened for business after a long year shuttered due to the Pandemic.


According to Leslie Svetich, "I'm excited to be back open and look forward to welcoming the community to enjoy bowling and dining at Monterey Lanes again!"

Owner of Monterey Lanes, Leslie Svetich says that you can use the was Reese Witherspoon's photo that they put on their social media and tagged Monterey Lanes. 

Reopening Friday, April 30th - first time in a year!!!

Hours are on the website. 

The have social distance, all COVID protocols in place, 11 feet from the next bowler - bowling on every other lane 

Lanes are separated by soft barriers  

Remodeled Bar and Restaurant are open too. 

Leagues signs up are happening and all and are welcomed back.

24 lanes in Monterey

Reopening with these hours currently:

Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday & Thursday
3:30pm until 11pm 

4pm until 11pm


12pm until 11 pm

12pm until 8pm 

Here's the cast of Big Little Lies having fun bowling when they were filming Season 2: