New Board Members Elected to North Fremont Business District of Monterey

The North Fremont Business District of Monterey ( recently elected its new Board of Directors for 2018 which includes Leslie Svetich, President (President, Monterey Lanes), Vice President Kelly Violini (CEO, Monterey County Fair), Samir Patel, Secretary (Comfort Inn Monterey Bay), and Mary Alice Cerrito Fettis, Treasurer (property owner). Additional Board members include Mike Marotta, Jr. (Owner of the DeAnza Inn), for another 1-year term, Chris Caffrey, Owner of the Pink Flamingo Theater, for another 1-year term, Ashish Patel, owner of the Pacific Inn and El Castell Motel, for a 1-year term, and Mohammad Ali Norouzi, Owner of the Monterey Cookhouse, for a 1-year term.


The North Fremont Business District of Monterey is conveniently located along North Fremont Street in the “sun belt” area of the City of Monterey. The district is a mile-long corridor just off Highway 1 along Fremont Street to Canyon Del Rey, close to the Monterey Regional Airport and Highway 68. With over 85 great shops, restaurants, hotels/motels, businesses and ample parking, North Fremont has long been a popular place to “Dine, Shop, Play, Stay and Take Care of Business”, located just a block from the world renowned Monterey County Fair & Event Center. It is surrounded by several residential areas including the Casanova/Oak Knoll Neighborhood and Del Monte Grove/Laguna Grande Neighborhood.


The North Fremont Business District of Monterey recently adopted an attractive new logo which reflects its location as part of the historic El Camino Real Route, and is a volunteer-driven organization representing all the businesses along the North Fremont Street with the mission of preserving, revitalizing, and promoting the Business District, through broad based community support and serving the needs of the local neighborhoods.  The North Fremont Business District of Monterey works to create a physically attractive, thriving center for working, shopping and living and an environment to enhance the economic vitality and quality of life for the community.


The District’s "VIP Discount Card” program features many special offers from merchants along and near North Fremont in Monterey. The "VIP Discount Card" is downloadable from the website,, as well as four pages of printable coupons that encompass 25 special offers from many of the area's hotels, restaurants, retail stores and business services. The coupons and "VIP Discount Card" card and coupons can be printed out or shown on a mobile device to the staff at the participating North Fremont Business District locations.   Sign up on the website at


For more information, please visit the website at or contact Wendy Brickman at (831) 633-4444.