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New Black Baby Positive Affirmation  

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November 2022. New York, NY. Award-winning author Irene Smalls, MBA, has created a new Black baby bedtime affirmation book series entitled NiteBabyNite.

About: The“NiteBabyNite Book Series”

With a Master’s degree in Behavioral Science from New York University, Irene Smalls knows how the development of a positive self-image in young children can greatly enrich and improve their lives. Research indicates children develop the concept of who they are from 0-4 years of age. Studies reveal that by kindergarten, age 5, children have a strong sense of who they are.  The NiteBabyNite Book Series illustrated in full color stories, are designed so parents can speak poetic words of 'Black is Beautiful' and "I Love You” each night to their baby of color in both words and pictures.

The first book in the series “NightBabyNite” is currently available for purchase online at An Affirmation NiteBabyNite is $25 in hardcover ISBN 978-1-959267-04-1 or $15 in softcover ISBN 978-0-9785031-8-5 with 32 pages of love.

About: Author Irene Smalls

Award-winning author and speaker, Irene Smalls, is the mother of three children and the grandmother of three.  Smalls grew up in Harlem, New York under segregation.  In the 1950s, Harlem was a community of open hearts and open doors that loved its children.  There was also a strong narrative "Black is Beautiful" "Black is Powerful" countering general societal views of Black inferiority.  That counter narrative is not as strong today. Smalls developed the Positive Affirmation NiteBabyNite picture book series in remembrance of those times.

NiteBabyNite, gives babies pre-reading skills, including recognizing patterns, and experiencing the mechanics of reading — left to right and top to bottom.  It also builds their imagination and relationship with the natural world.  Additionally, research indicates: Healthy Sleep habits before kindergarten help children adjust to school. 

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To schedule an interview with Irene Smalls or receive a review copy of the new NiteBabyNite book, contact Wendy Brickman, [email protected] or call (831) 594-1500.