Now available! The Traveling Cookbook by Mary Chamberlin

Highly respected Chef/Author Mary Chamberlin has done it again with her newest release, The Traveling Cookbook! It's an amazing assortment of flavorful recipes from her travels that we can now all enjoy!

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Just in time for the holiday season

Cookbook Author/Chef/Instructor/Caterer

& World Traveler

Publishes Her Newest Book: “The Traveling Cookbook”


October, 2020. Carmel, CA. While most of us cannot travel internationally during the Pandemic, we can enjoy unique and hard-to-obtain recipes from around the globe carefully selected and shared by renowned Cookbook Author/Chef/Instructor/Caterer and World Traveler, Mary Chamberlin. Her new book, The Traveling Cookbook: Discovered Recipes from Around the World (122 pages) is a very sturdy spiralbound paperback that opens flat for easy use in the kitchen providing easy access to the tapestry of flavors she has experienced in her decades of travel.

These recipes, which will inevitably be prepared again and again, are simply the best of the best! Enjoy Classic Greek Cuisine recipes such as Greek Torta, Greek Lemon Chicken and a dozen other mouth-watering treats. From the Kitchens of Spain, check out Red Snapper Bajamar and Fresh Fig & Anchovy Salad and more. Italian Cuisine features over a dozen delicious recipes from Walnut Chicken Lasagne to Cassata Siciliana, everyone’s favorite dessert! The book features unusual flavors from recipes of Argentina, Thailand, and Hawaii as well as a special category called “Delicious Discoveries” such as Calypso Shrimp and Double Pink Grapefruit salad. There are over a dozen salads and dressings that include a history of the Caesar Salad and the Black Eye Pea Salad, among others. Finally, there are “Funny Foods” such as Banana Banoffi Pie, Hangtown Fry recipes and Haggis! Every recipe is prefaced by a cute story or anecdote, too.

The Traveling Cookbook is $45 suggested retail price plus tax/shipping and is available at This attractive book can be autographed and drop-shipped for a perfect gift for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and showers.

About Mary Chamberlin

Carmel-based author/teacher and former caterer business owner and world traveler, Mary Chamberlin, has led a fascinating life with an overall theme of fine food and entertaining! Since the Pandemic began in March, 2020, she has taught a weekly and then monthly “Home Chef’s” call-in Cooking Class for hundreds of men and women throughout the United States and Canada. Two recipes are covered each week and there is live Q and A.

Mary is also the author of the self-published The Traveling Soup Pot: A Savory Journey Through Many Lands, a beautifully illustrated and spiral bound ‘must have’ soup resource for everyone, which was published in 2011. Mary has reprinted her book four times and has sold thousands of copies. The Traveling Soup Pot book features 139 unique recipes from 28 countries. Mary’s cookbook reveals some of the finest soup recipes, some kept secret for decades, gathered from years of travel and experience. She is also the author of Dining Theatrics and Low-Fat Foods.

Since 2006, she has been the U.S. Agent and Manager for the Escoffier Foundation & Museum in France. In 2007, she became Founder and President of Les Dames d’Escoffier International – Monterey Chapter. In 2012, she was inducted into the Disciples d’Escoffier and in 2015, she was appointed Western United States Representative of the Disciples of Escoffier International, a Society of Professional Chefs, Food & Wine Producers, Sommelier, Maître d’ Hotel, Restaurateurs, Hospitality Industrial Professionals, Epicures and Food Industry Media. Disciples of Escoffier International are by invitation only and are comprised of 25,000 members from all over the world, mostly professional chefs. 

She is a longtime friend and colleague of Michael Escoffier of Paris, the great-grandson of the internationally renowned Chef Auguste Escoffier who is considered the founder of modern French cuisine.  Mary serves on the August Escoffier School of Culinary Arts International Advisory Board.  The schools have locations in Boulder, Colorado and Austin. Texas. It also operates the Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy.

She is presently the National Vice Chair of the American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF), an organization founded by Julia Child and Robert Mondavi. She is the Chair of its Monterey Chapter and still serves on its Board of Directors. She is also a longtime member of the James Beard Foundation.

For over 20 years, Mary owned and operated Mission Gourmet Catering, Inc., Mission Gourmet Cooking School, Mission Delicatessen & Restaurant, in the Fremont area.  She had a staff of 80 employees and produced sales of $1.5 million per year from 1984 to 1990 until she sold the business. She also had a cooking school and brought chefs from all over the world to teach their style of cuisine.  She is the hostess of Kitchen Moments, offering private cooking classes and still does private catering for large companies in the Bay Area. She built an award-winning professional kitchen that was featured in the Fall 1998 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.

Born in a town in rural Illinois, Mary’s family moved to Chicago. She ultimately ended up in California and attended West Valley College, the College of San Mateo, University of California, Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School and La Varenne in Paris. She holds a California Community College Credential for Foods, Food Services and Related Technologies, and was a Food Instructor at Ohlone College in Fremont, California, from 1973 to 1994 focusing on teaching Foreign and Fancy Foods, Low Fat Foods, and Catering.

Mary has helped to fundraise for numerous organizations including the Mission San Jose Restoration and manage numerous events including the Tomato Fest, AIWF Golf Tournament and her husband, TWA Pilot Captain Roy Chamberlin’s, Air Force Pilot’s Reunion event in 1998. Rancho Cielo Drummond Culinary Academy yearly scholarships and donates money for cooking equipment for the school. Also serves on the advisory board.

Mary also was an active member of COSERVE (Community Service to International Visitors) which hosted and programmed foreign dignitaries (USIA program) and was California Director of World Educational Student Travel (WEST) for 10 years.

Mary also published “Vortices” Wild Winds from the Wings of Challenge:

From Kid to Captain. This fascinating book features the life of her remarkable husband, Captain Roy Chamberlin, who died in 2005. It includes one pilot’s collections and recollections of lessons learned through the conflicting winds of experience and the observations of others.  The book is archived at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio and at the Air Force Academy Library in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Most recently, Mary was selected as Woman of the Year by Meals on Wheels for her generous donation of Dinners for 10 to this local non-profit organization for their auctions.

Mary still does selected catering for private companies and also teaches cooking.

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