Salmon Stravaganza Celebration in the Carmel Pine Cone

Carmel Pine Cone –


Salmon Stravaganza


National Steakhouse Month

notwithstanding, it’s also time to cel-

ebrate salmon at Fisherman’s Wharf

with its Salmon Stravaganza. The

commercial season opened in May,

 and restaurants on the Wharf are serving up

their favorite versions of the popular fish.

Here’s the rundown: Abalonetti’s and

Domenico’s are both stuffing salmon with

seafood; Big Fish Grill’s doing a salmon cake

appetizer; Crab Louie’s is grilling it; Liberty

Fish is doing a play on fish and chips; and

Paluca Trattoria is serving it with pasta put-

tanesca — fettuccine in a spicy tomato sauce

with capers, garlic, anchovies and olives. The

Grotto’s broiling it and topping with beurre

blanc, a tangy butter sauce; newcomer Scales

is doing an apricot-and-jalapeno glazed ver-

sion in the restaurant and a smoked salmon

sandwich in its deli.



Restaurants all over Fisherman’s Wharf are celebrating

Salmon Stravaganza this month with dishes like this salmon

on a plank from Scales restaurant.


22A The Carmel Pine Cone June 10, 2016


Salmon with Sanders, wining, a

beef or two and something fishy


IF SAM and Angeli Mercurio at

Domenico’s on the Wharf know what it was

— other than a long history, great food and a

good view — that led presidential candidate

Bernie Sanders to the restaurant for dinner

before his campaign rally in Monterey last

Wednesday, they’re not saying.

What they will tell you about the memo-

rable evening is that reservations were made

the day before and that he shared a table with

seven staffers, while six Secret Service

agents dined discreetly nearby.

The meal included appetizers of fried

calamari, oysters Rockefeller — perhaps a

bit out of keeping with his campaign’s

themes — and Dungeness crab cakes.

Sanders had the cedar plank sockeye salmon,

Caesar salad and of course, some clam

chowder. After dinner he paused to glad-

hand the other patrons and according to

Angeli, gathered a bit of an entourage in his

wake as he headed off the Wharf.

She added that he enjoyed his dinner and

snapped photos of the view. “It was such an

exciting night at Domenico’s,” she said