Timely New Book Launches for All: Socially Distanced: A Keepsake Journal


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A timely new humorous journaling book for all of us!

July 1, 2020. Las Vegas, NV. How can we all better cope with the on-going Pandemic? Here’s one solution…a fun new book that combines humor and journaling to help us better deal with what’s happening today.  

SOCIALLY DISTANCED A Keepsake Journal was written by author Robert Stern in humorous rhyme accompanied by delightful illustrations, with lots of room in the paperback book or e-book version to record our thoughts and activities during the COVID-19 period. It enables us to create something special to keep and look back on in better times and remember how we got through it all!

For parents of children ages 12 and older, this is a great tool to help kids feel better while writing down their positive and negative feelings about the situation. For all adults, this book also inspires us to record what these weeks are like for each of us. It also makes a thoughtful gift for anyone in our lives today who has helped us through these recent months.

According to Robert Stern, author of SOCIALLY DISTANCED A Keepsake Journal, “I recognized that we are all in an important time in our lives with the Pandemic and wanted to provide some humor and an interactive journal to help. As we know, life is often challenging. Nothing is permanent and every day is a new one to feel more positive and in control of your life. In fact, many experts recommend journaling because it can improve your mood and may be good for your mental health. I believe this book can provide a cathartic experience to help us all!”

SOCIALLY DISTANCED A Keepsake Journal is 32-page book written in light-hearted rhyme with colorful illustrations. is available in a quality paperback for $9.95 or $6.95 for a downloadable e-version from the website, www.sociallydistancedjournal.com. © 2020 by Robert Stern. ISBN 978-0-9801988-9-8



The Coronavirus Pandemic caused us to react to a changing environment. So many different issues for so many people from personal health to the health of loved ones. Loss of employment. Government restrictions. Caring for school aged children as schools closed. Impact on travel and vacations. Finding toilet paper. Politics and so much more. Here is an opportunity to laugh a little, and record your thoughts as a keepsake for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren to read years later. Here’s an opportunity to tell a friend how much you appreciate their support either by buying them a copy to journal their experience, or sharing your feelings as a thank you. Perhaps you can record what you did to pass the time. Who were you concerned for? What provisions you stocked up on? How you were hurting economically, and what you had to do to survive. Share the activities you missed the most, and how your mood changed during the lockdowns. Journal what’s important to you.     

About the Author: 

Robert Stern, the author of SOCIALLY DISTANCED A Keepsake Journal, has always enjoyed writing rhymes for books, wedding toasts and other occasions. He teamed up with talented illustrator, Mark Hill, to create this helpful book. Formerly a Hollywood entertainment executive at 20th Century Fox and New World Entertainment, Stern previously wrote other non-fiction books including HOA WARS and A Legend in My Own Mind and Other Stupid Thoughts.  As the Pandemic continued, he picked up his pen to create another book hoping to help us all!