Pucker Up Event

I am a huge believer in the power of collaborations and events for successfully publicizing your business or service. I attended the recent Pucker Up event (just before Valentine's Day) and it was hugely successful. The award-winning Dr. Jeanette Kern, DDS, the Smile Doctor, and Cindi Webb, Esthetician from Total Body Transformation Center, melded their services for a great pampering experience. 

First, Stacy (the talented hygeniest at Dr. Kern's dental office) provided a fun paraffin wax hand dip treatment to soften the skin on my hands and a warmed neck pillow. She added sunglasses to cut any glare and began an effective 20 minute (so quick) SinSational Teeth Whitening experience. She checked on me often and I felt cared for and totally relaxed. In only 20 minutes, my teeth were shades whiter and brighter! She also gave me a take home kit I could use again and again to keep the teeth white for a longer time. 


Next I stopped off to visit with the talented esthetician Cindi Webb of Total Body Transformation Center (a beautiful destination in Ryan Ranch) and she did a great Silkpeel Plump & Smooth Lip Treatment and gave me a Revitalizing Lip and Eye Treatment. 

I also received a Free Spa Treat Bag with a Luscious Long Last Lip Color & Lip Fusion Plumping Gloss to keep me looking luscious all day and evening plus other great Spa Treats!        

Feeling totally relaxed and pampered, I stayed a while longer for their "Sparkle Party" Wine, Champagne & Delicious Goodies.  

I also purchased a future Sinsational Smile treatment for a return visit after one of my great teeth cleaning experiences at Dr. Kern's office. 

There was a huge savings on these services that day and I look forward to telling others about this wonderful event when they do it again...by popular demand for sure!

This is a perfect example of a great marketing collaboration between two trained and respected health care professionals! 


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