Events For Attract More PR For Your Business

When I founded the Brickman Marketing company in 1990, I didn't realize how powerful events can be for marketing a business. As the years passed, it was increasingly obvious that creating an interesting, newsworthy event, often with a non-profit or Chamber of Commerce partnership, will help attract additional publicity and visibility for a company. 

I founded the Pasta, Pizza and Professional Lecture, Dinner & Networking Series in 2016 at a client restaurant, Cibo Ristorante Italiano, to accomplish just that. Over the months, the event has attracted additional PR for me, the speaker and Cibo Restaurant as well. The networking has yielded additional business for all of us, too. 

When you need help creating an effective PR-worthy event anywhere in the country, contact [email protected] for some strategies to jump-start your succes!


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