Marketing Strategy: Determine Target Customers Who Have Not Yet Done Business With You

Marketing Strategy: Determine Target Customers Who Have Not Yet Done Business With You

Growing your business is fun and the tools in the marketplace are amazing to help you do just that.


Per our earlier blog, you should be working hard to constantly develop your buyer personas and determine who are the most lucrative and easy to deal with target markets for your business or service. 


Who will be the most profitable whose needs match what your business offers.


​Start to give a lot of thought to this question: ​​​​​What key customers in your target markets haven’t ever done business with you?

Can you determine some of the reasons? Can you adjust your business to attract them more successfully?


Also, one way to start growing your knowledge about this topic is with market research.


It's important to start looking at the companies in your industry that you perceive as your competitors -- both locally and nationally, too. 


There are many competitive research tools that are helpful for analyzing your competitors as well as your future most profitable clients. 


Check out some of these valuable market research tools:

Here are several Market Research tools you may want to check out, evaluate and consider paying to use, too. Ultimately, they will be helpful for future digital ads, search engine optimization as well as determining the best keywords. These are somewhat confusing but they do have some customer service help or videos if you want to learn more and consider paying for them now or in the future when you’re ready.



Here’s an interesting article they offer too:

Request a demo:

·Buzz sumo – has a free 30 day offer



And be sure to keep records of your searches in terms of the valuable takeaways you're seeing around you in your industry! 

As they say, a company that is data-driven is far more likely to be more successful!


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